Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Best of 2011 - Part 3

Like I mentioned earlier in Part 1 of this series, 2011 was a great year for me for travel as well. In fact, it started since Dec 2010 itself. Good travel meant good opportunity for a number of photos, a lot of which did turn out pretty good too. Travel and photography have been going hand in hand for me for a while now, though earlier they may or may not have been the way I wanted them, which today has changed a great deal for the good. 

The best part for me has been the numerous lovely compliments I received on these travel photos.The series created a connect, where people felt they travelled with me, were reminded of their times at that place or how they want to visit that particular place even more so now. That too me, has been very satisfying! I started to share my travel stories on Sareenity - Where I May Roam, but sadly I haven't got too far. 2012, I sincerely hope to change that and share some write-ups, frequently as well. Counting down to 6, 5 and 4, this post on the Best of 2011 features everything from my travels this year.

6. Piccadilly Circus, Another Look.

 This may have just ended as another black-and-white shot had a not got lucky with the old double-decker London bus (of course I could do with the car behind it). It's not often that you see these and lightening struck twice for me with this bus. First, I managed to shoot the Before and After of the bus at Kensington Gardens and then I got another opportunity at Piccadilly Circus. When I saw this picture on my laptop, I got a feeling that something more dramatic can be done to this shot; may be add some textures and distortions to give it a vintage look. 

I could manage none of that on my own so I passed it to Sheetal, a designer from my team. After giving her much pain, she produced this beauty that gave it the vintage look I wanted. You can view the original post that also features the real Piccadilly Circus as of today, here. Also equally popular were similar posts on Piccadilly Circus and Street Artist at Piccadilly Circus.

5. The Royal Albert Hall

The Royals Albert Hall is an iconic landmark in London for both, its grand structure and the performances it continues to host and boast. And I do wish I catch a live act, ideally like an unplugged performance from a great rock band like U2 someday. But this is another great tourist spot; you have the Royal Albert Hall, Albert Memorial and the Kensington Gardens all along side. And yes, the fantastic museums are just a little walk away. 

You can see the also view the other photographs of the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial.

4. Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong

I just can't describe, in words or photos, how fascinating this record-breaking show called Symphony of Lights is. I ensured that I took time out for it and managed to catch the show twice - once from Wan Chai and once from Kowloon, and it is certainly something one cannot afford to miss if you are in Hong Kong. Wai Chai will allow you better shots because the people here are far lesser. Which then means that Kowloon is the better place to see it from :). Or may be even from the ferry, which I skipped. 

I was late, as in just 10 minutes before the show start because of which I missed out on all the clean vantage points without people. Tip: Get there early to get a good spot and try out a few options before settling to the best setting - but manual (aperture with f/16 may get it a little too bright) with a higher ISO. You can learn more about the Symphony of Lights and see the related photos here.

 How did you find the travel photos at My Third Eye this year. As always, feedback is more than appreciated and also do tell me your favourites from the travel series. 

You can also view Part 1, Part 2 and Part 4 of this series. 

And of course, the finale from Part 5.   

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  1. The Symphony of Lights capture is totally awesome! And, of course, I love Royal Albert Hall! But then I'm amazed by all of your incredible captures, Rohit! You really inspire to me to become better at photography which I only took up a couple of years ago and with an inexpensive camera, but I do have fun! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  2. All of your pics are fantastic ! Happy New Year !

  3. I can't give you any suggestions Rohit and I think I always tell you which ones I like. I have such a big mouth which always shouts, I love this:) I think this series post is quite great.

    Have I told you? I call you Rohit aka globetrotter...

  4. Well, I love that London Bus:-) But the last picture is amazing. So much light.. looks like New Year light in a big city. Well done!

  5. Thanks Sylvia - I'm just a little over a year old myself into this. I think your skyshots are absolutely lovely...that's a real niche you've got. And if I've inspired u in anyway, well, I'm really honoured by that :)

    Tx Myrna - wishing u a great year ahead as well!

    @Saru - hahahaha...yes you have...NY just around the corner n I havent forgotten ur suggestion! hopefully the 1st :)

    @tania - well actually, i cant imagine what it might be like on New Years then :) WOWW!

  6. The magic in each of these photos is the perspective! The bus on an angled roadway allows jutting views of buildings, the angled view of a curved facade and a light show dotted with heads (as in a muppet show) all demand extra viewing time to absorb the detail! Beautiful and fascinating!

  7. I love the Symphony of Lights image. Happy New Year~

  8. Gemma - really really apprecite those words...tx so much :)

    tx Mary and wish u a great year ahead too!

  9. wow awesome shots, I love the last one!

  10. Oh what wonderful places you have been! Thanks for sharing your talent at MM. Happy New Year!


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