Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best of 2011 - Part 5

It's here!

Counting down to your favourite photograph of 2011 from My Third Eye, we've gone through the posts on Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Before getting there, I must mention something that also turned out to be quite a success. There is a great weekly challenge that I came upon with Scavenger Hunt by Ashley Sisk. Five photos on five different topics and your interpretation. Not only does it challenge one as a photographer but its an excellent place to learn from others; after all interpretations will vary. My posts on Scavenger Hunt were quite popular and also very satisfying to me. I went by the comment-to-view ratio to get the 'Best of 2011'; and going by that 4 out of the 5 posts would have made it through, which is why the special mention. This is one challenge I'll continue to look forward to (and even excel) in the year to come.

Now, Saru got this one right so 'clap clap'. Here's numero uno!

1. The Hammersmith Bridge over the River Thames - Night, Lights and Reflections
A hands-down winner, a hands-down personal favourite of what I've posted so far; though a couple of London Eye shots are in close contention. But I guess the late posting will probably qualify them over to next year. 

Testimony to London's great architecture, this old bridge is simply fantastic at night when its lit up. I sincerely feel on having done justice on this one though I did kinda bore my colleague off who accompanied me. Nonetheless, he too got a great shot of himself with the bridge in the background so it made up. The Hammersmith Bridge, Along the Banks of the Thames at Hammersmith and The Spider and its Web on Hammersmith Bridge were supremely popular, even though I hoped to have got a better shot of the spider. After seeing these shots, I so regret on having missing out on Tower Bridge.

 That completes the series on The Best of 2011; well almost. Tomorrow, is the last day of 2011. As we bid adieu to 2011, I'm going to share some of my personal favourites that didn't make it into the viewers list. 
Also, if you do have a favourite that hasn't made it here already, but feel it should be featured in the Best of 2011, please do write to me and let me know.

Until then, have a great time preparing to bring in 2012. 

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