Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best of 2011 - Part 2

In 2011 I worked harder on my photography, read a lot more and experimented a lot more. I also broadened my horizon from landscape, macro and travel photography to people, candid and street photography. Street photography can be quite fun and can produce some great candid, as I learnt. The Ganesh Chaturthi had a lot of challenging and interesting moments and so did my walkabouts in London. The best part about street photography is the unexpected bonus; I'm sure you'll be able to relate when you seen the photographs from this next set. 

8. Another Tie - Romantic Dinner and The Boy Playing with the Water Fountain

A Romantic Dinner: I was heading back home (thankfully with my camera) on a pleasant evening in London. The architecture in London, of the buildings, monuments, houses, pubs, restaurants, bridges and almost all of it, has always amazed me. After a shot of very lively and interesting pub, I caught a glimpse of this couple seemingly having a lovely quiet romantic dinner. Even more so because they were the only ones at that point in time; perfect isn't it? May not be the best shot, but works pretty well for a street/candid, doesn't it? This shot was taken at Hammersmith, London, where I managed quite a few candids, which can be seen here. You can also view the original post and comments here.

A Young Boy Playing with a Water Fountain: If I haven't sold street photography yet, this one should. I don't think there is much to say except the stress on the unexpected bonus; here the little toddler seeing from the sidelines, almost wanting to jump in and join. Also, all three potential subjects are doing their own thing in that little space. This post was quite a hit and so were other similar posts like London, Clear Blue Skies and Streaks, Street Cafes and Bakeries and An English Summer in Autumn

7. Bird Of Prey

Yes, you do need a bit of luck with candid shots; often you just get that little fraction to get 'THE' shot, within which you'll of course need to consider the applicable aspects of photography as well. It's evident as in the case with this shot too; when I reached here, the cat clawed and dug its teeth in its prey and hadn't noticed me. 30 seconds later (and even many minutes thereafter) this is what I got.You can view the original post and its comments here.

This wraps up Part 2 of the Best of 2011. Do let me know what you think on candid and street photography and also share your shots. 

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