Monday, August 1, 2011

A Camel's Cry - A Black and White Portrait

The woeful state of a camel at the Pinjore Gardens, Haryana, India. Obviously, animals can't speak (their pains); this one couldn't even open its mouth to let out a cry.

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  1. Very beautiful picture. In front of Pinjore Garden, beggars and camels represent the sorry state of our country.

  2. Where art thou, animal welfare activists?

  3. tx for ur feedback and appreciation...

    its the same old story - 70-75% of the sorry state of India is in the remote rural areas; 90% of the activists are in the developed urban areas!

  4. Sad scene, but excellent photography.


  5. thanks for visiting and for leaving you comment Tatjana

  6. That is heart-wrenching! A beautiful capture of a tragedy!

  7. A beautifully composed shot so full of detail and interest for the viewer. I am wondering if the hand crocheted mask is used to keep the camel from spitting on people...why else...they do not bite, do they? Genie

  8. thanks so much Genie.

    u cud be right, though, honestly ive not seen camels spit on people though they do salivate a lot. back in india, the way some owners treat they, they tend to let out very loud cries, which is why i think the mask is being used in this case.


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