Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt - Week 27th November

This post is for the Scavenger Hunt - Week 27th November. The five submissions were for Waiting, Foliage, Candid, Knife-Spoon-or-Fork and Rule of Thirds.
Here is my interpretation and entry for the Scavenger Hunt.
1. Waiting
An old farmer waits for a dear one at the end of the day in a village in Haryana, India

2. Foliage
 Mumbai, India, doesn't really have a fall season. In fact it barely has a winter. However, nature has its mechanism for a wardrobe makeover; a bit of leaves and a few flowers...

3. Candid
This is my version of a shot that one might catch in a wildlife park. I caught this on an adjacent parapet where a cat had hunted down a bird and was being disturbed with its afternoon meal!

4. Knife-Spoon-or-Fork
A knife and its victims - ripe red tomatoes!

5. Rule of Thirds
A shot of a white heron (great egret) taking a stroll on a Sunday afternoon.

Participating for: Scavenger Hunt, SOOC Sunday, Shadow Shot Sunday, Mellow Yellow Monday, Green Monday, Tina's PicStory, Today's Flowers and Macro Flowers                    

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