Thursday, September 8, 2011

Devotees' Processions for Visarjan - 1

Devotees' Processions for Visarjan, immersions, during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival

A big procession makes its way for the visarjan

A celebrated procession

I only noticed this time that most big idols are also accompanied by a smaller idol. The small idol, known as the 'utsav moorti' bears the essence of divinity and is the one that is actually worshipped. On the other hand, the larger idol is mainly used to draw in the crowds at the mandals.

Little kids take up the responsibility of flag bearers

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  1. Beautiful shots and I love the second one...

  2. how cool you covered the whole festival :)

  3. @tx saru - i sumhw like the 1st n 4th shots, just for the sense of motion.

    @chintan - yea...too much dedication from surprised myself :D

    but happy with the end result...some more coming!


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