Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glimpses of the Snow-clad Himalayas

The partially melted Great Himalaya range

Glimpses of the Snow-clad Peaks afar

Greenery Again - Himalayas and a town at the Foothills

A view of the Himalayas from Manali

The Haze Created at Sunset

As the Sun sets...

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  1. I live in a part of Canada that has no mountains. I am amazed every time I see them and your photos are are no exception to my amazement.

  2. tx a ton andy for this comment, im honoured!

  3. thank you Saru and Team G...sorry i seemed to have missed your appreciations. apologies and thank you!

  4. I took a flight over these mountains just a few months ago. It was awe inspiring.

  5. @keith - they're indeed a range that would put anyone in awe!

    and thank you indrani, joyce and linda!

  6. tx bettyl...shud try visit it some day

  7. what a breathtaking white! thanks for joining us :)


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