Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scavenger Hunt - Week 5th February

This is a very late entry for the Scavenger Hunt - Week 5th February. Though the encouraging part was taking out the camera and shooting after a while. I am not happy with all the work but surely happy about the fact that I could think and shoot in the very limited time that I managed.

The five submissions were for Strike a Pose, Footwear, Hobby, Shiny and Colour me Green.
Here is my interpretation and entry for the Scavenger Hunt.

1.Strike a Pose
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Twirl; a little doll created by paper quilling. Well, this could have made it through to Hobby as well :)
Also, this is the first use of the macro extension tube, and I like the results.

Traditional colourful Indian footwear - Mojri or Mojari

This one got me thinking; travel or photography? So I settled for something that gets going in both!

A cookie box...ooo...shiny!

5.Colour me Green
A little Bamboo Shoot plant

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  1. What a great set - I really like your first shot.

  2. Terrific, colorful macro shots for the day, Rohit! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  3. Very cool shots, especially the first one!
    Many greetings from Switzerland
    Yvonne & Raphael

  4. How clever to incorporate two hobbies in one shot! I also like your "Strike a pose" -isn't the macro world fun? :)

  5. I like your first shot, very creative!

  6. Such a charming little Quilling face. I have done some of that too and think it is fun. I also just got a macro extention tube. Gets great effects but a bit difficult to use. How are you liking yours?

  7. Your strike a pose is very cute and funny !!! Well done and nice photo too !!!

    Footwear is nice and I also like your green pic !!

    Have a nice weekend :)


Appreciation is encouraging and criticism will help me get better. Please do leave your feedback...

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