Friday, February 10, 2012

Saturday Sareenity - Weekly Challenge 6

Welcome to Saturday Sareenity, a weekly meme where you can submit any photo that you think symbolises something calm and serene. It could be nature, landscape, critters, children; absolutely anything.

Based on the voting, we'll have a 'Featured Photo of the Week' in the following week's challenge.

In addition, you can still participate if you don't have a photo that qualifies for symbolising 'calm and serene', but then it cannot qualify for being the featured photo, even if it gets the most votes.

And yes, please do link back to My Third Eye or Saturday Sareenity.

It is very encouraging to see such great participation over the past couple of weeks. There were just too many great entries this week and I thought the voting will go right down to the wire! This week though, for a change, there are no ties - we have a clear winner in Tito Eric's - Stardust.

This shot is from Panglao Island, Philippines, and to me is simply majestic.

Congrats, and feel free to grab your 'Featured' button!

And now for this week's challenge. 

For those who are new, here are a few simple rules to play by:
  • Do link the permalink of the blog post that you're submitting and not you're blog URL
  • Please do try visit fellow participants; should help in discovering other good photography blogs and in learning
  • You can submit your entries Fri-Tue and then come back to vote Tue-Thus
  • It would be nice if you could follow
  • By contributing to the meme, you give me permission to use the submitted photo on my site and even feature it if its the top pick of the week
  • You must link up to My Third Eye or Saturday Sareenity for others to join and I'd appreciate it if you can add the button


PS: 'Sareen' is my last name and hence the creative liberty of spelling serene :). 


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  1. That winning shot is spectacular!

  2. Deserved to be winner! truely a gr8 shot :)

  3. Great shot but I voted for other ones:(

  4. A winner for sure!
    This is just beautiful!
    Thank you for hosting, and have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Thank you for hosting, Rohit. A lovely winning shot.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. My first time linkiing up. I love your site. :)

  7. what a spectacular! thanks so much for sharing:)

    happy weekend!

  8. Beautiful choice...what a wonderful idea for a meme.

  9. thank you everyone; especially the first timers :)

    and winning entry is stunning but seriously - there were a lot of great shots this past weekend.

  10. My vote goes to #5 - Karin M; and #23 - Laura Hegfield. But really, they're all fantastic!!

  11. I might be missing something but how do we vote? do we just list the numbers here?

  12. @Linda and Red nomad - i guess the voting may have closed by then...

  13. I must be missing something too ... where are the votes that didn't miss the cut off? And is this the right place to vote??


Appreciation is encouraging and criticism will help me get better. Please do leave your feedback...

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