Thursday, February 16, 2012

Miss England...You Beauty...Science Museum, London

Miss England...You Beauty!!!

Well, may be most would have missed out on this beauty - Miss England. Not sure if she ever took part for a pageant, but surely would have been a front-runner in an applicable category ;)

For her age, she's still very well maintained ;)

Vintage - somethings just get better with age!

Well, all this on a light note, this was an absolute fantastic speed sports boat that I got to see up so close. 

On another note, I'd really like thank everyone who keep visiting and commenting; really appreciate all your feedback! I've been a tad busy off late and very poor at responding and visiting are all such lovely people to bear with me :)

And I do sincerely hope to get back on track...soon!

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  1. what's miss england doing in the science museum though? is the question!

    amazingly maintained boat that one, like you said. and great shots too!

  2. What a terrific looking boat and well maintained indeed! Love your captures, Rohit, as always! Hope your week is going well!


  3. How interesting that Miss England has been preserved in the Science Museum. :)

  4. Beautiful. Sure winner for me. And the crown goes too... :)

  5. hahaha...good to see all of you playing along on this :)


  6. Sure, maintained for her age...Lovely pictures...:)


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