Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The London Eye Views at Night, London

There is little doubt in my mind that shooting the London Eye and Big Ben at night and even the twilight were absolutely enjoyable and were sheer delight. I am very pleased with how most of the photos have turned out; except with me having missed out on a couple of shots when I compared with mine at a later time. Nonetheless, I can say that I kinda got into London Eye's skin and here's why - I've played around with a lot of angles and views apart from the standard ones that I've already featured so far. And here's a collection of seven such shots. I've simply numbered them to get your votes on your favourites. 

 I hope to have a few matches :)

London Eye - 1

London Eye - 2

London Eye - 3

London Eye - 4 

London Eye - 5

London Eye - 6

    London Eye - 7   

Over to you; do let me know what's your favourite.

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  1. Amazing Rohit :) Loved these..

  2. What a talented photographer you are Rohit!
    Each of these images is truly magnificent.
    So beautifully done!

  3. WOW Rohit!! These are beautiful! Do I have to choose a favourite???

  4. Superb captures, Rohit! I think I particularly like #4 because it gives you an awesome sense of the huge size in comparison with the nearby structures! But it's actually hard to pic a favorite as they are all beautiful! Hope your week is going well!


  5. These are great! I think my favorite is either 5 or 7 because of the angle.

  6. What a fun subject. My favorite is number seven. Somehow simplicity and this wheel should go together and it does here.

  7. thank you all...SEVEN seems to be the most popular one here :)


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