Sunday, January 8, 2012

London Eye lit in blue at Night, London

London Eye lit in blue at Night

The London Eye Ferris Wheel offers great panoramic views of London. The Wheel doesn't stop during operating hours and yet visitors can easily hop on and off the Wheel; that's the comfortable speed it always moves at giving you about 30 minutes in the gondola (capsule). 

During the day you can easily spot various landmarks, which appear to glow in gold along with all of London City at night. Die hard romantics can even book a gondola for an hour or so for a special day :)

The London Eye seen with the London Country Hall and Westminster Bridge in the background

The London Eye Ferris Wheel appearing to spin in slow speed as it always does, with the London Country Hall well lit in the background

The illusion of the London Eye Ferris Wheel appearing to spin in high speed

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  1. Awesome captures, Rohit! You do have a talent for seeing the beauty! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy!


  2. Awesome pics.. Really liked the first one :)

  3. First and second shot are lovely. I guess even I have learnt to admire the sense of motion in photography. Thanks to you:)

  4. Great work with the calender Rohit. So happy to see it:)

  5. Really awesome work : )
    Very good composition. Cheers...

  6. Fantastic, eye-catching images!

  7. thanks a lot everyone. my personal fav it the first one

  8. Great captures!! It looks lovely at night.
    I would love to go back to London with my camera (I only had a compact digital when I visited UK & Europe in 2010)

  9. wow I really love that first shot! really beautiful!

  10. Ooo, how gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rohit.

  11. Simply amazing!

    Visiting for Blue Monday! Here's my share-hope you can stop by:)

  12. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Joann

  13. What an awesome and gorgeous sight. How I would like to have seen this in person.

  14. That is awesome. A beautiful neon blue too. I didn't know about it - neat that it goes at a speed to board and disembark both. Have you ridden it? And photographed from it? Jenn

  15. thanks all!

    @jenn - yes i have ridden it but don't really have pix of shots from there.


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