Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Street Cafes and Bakeries - Hammersmith, London

Street Cafes and Bakeries - Hammersmith, London

The Summer feel in autumn sees cafes and bakeries selling bakes and savouries at Hammersmith, London. There were also some promotions to try local cakes and cookies from other parts of Europe. This shot was taken at the Hammersmith Lyric Square.

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  1. Bet this fest is well attended! Sounds like great food is abundant.

  2. i liked the photo with the two men :)

  3. Such colorful and delightful captures, Rohit! I wish I was there right now! Hope you have a great week!


  4. @EG - tx, i was early so i got to shoot the stalls. over the next couple of hr there were only queues :)

    @chintan - tats a lucky timed shot ;)

    @sylvia - tx so much, tats a delightful comment :) u too have a great week!

  5. Love the light. It still looks warm and summery.

  6. I would love to see a different land some day! This looks like so much fun!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me!

  7. For me, it's a mouth watering shot...Lots of bread in it!

  8. Nothing more beautiful than a summery autumn . . . Love the photos! Ciao

  9. @ladyfi - indeed it did...i was delighted to enjoy the summer amidst autumn

    @shannon - its a good place n u shud surely try visit

    @saru - hehehe...there was more than just breads...there were some delightful cookies and homemade sweets too

    @snake - cudnt agree more...u suddenly realise how much more beautiful summer is.

  10. It would be hard to walk through a place like that without sampling a wee bit of everything!


    Shadow, shadow, if I could,
    I would meet you in the wood,
    Where the frenzied fairies play
    In the blazing light of day.

    But, dear shadow, I dare not
    Go to that secluded spot,
    For I fear the woodland path
    And what’s more, the fairies’ wrath!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Frosty Shadows Haiku

  11. Hi!
    Looks like lots of fun and food. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  12. I love the shots where the 2 men are talking about the food. I'm sure this was a nice event.

    Visiting here from YS, mine's here: Fu Yuan Tea House. Hope you could visit it too! ^_^

  13. Oh my I would love to try all the cheese and hoard them, lol! Happy Sunday!

    Langka dish

  14. The "sampling" shot is neat. Loved seeing all your photos.

  15. Would love to have like this in our country. visiting from Yummy Sunday.


  16. thank you all for the appreciation :)

  17. This food fair must have been packed with people when it started. Everyone loves attending fairs. It gives everyone a chance to sample the best food in the area and make new friends. The breads and pastries look delicious. Yummmm!

    Matthew Engquist


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