Monday, November 21, 2011

Scavenger Hunt - Week 20th November

This post is for the Scavenger Hunt - Week 20th November. The five submissions were for Mainly One Colour, Around the Home, Reflection, Writing and Water.
Here is my interpretation and entry for the Scavenger Hunt.
1. Mainly One Colour
Blue - This shot is of the iconic London Eye, which truly is a spectacle at night.This shot was at twilight which is why I managed to get the blue lighting, blue pods and the blue sky.

2. Around the Home
 Fire Extinguisher - Needless to say, but this is must have for every home.

3. Reflection
The Hammersmith Bridge, London - This is a very old suspension bridge that connects the borough of Hammersmith and Barnes. The reflections are seen in River Thames that flows in London.

4. Writing
Just a candid black-and-white shot!

5. Water
Mauritius - This is one place that I've seen to have the cleanest and clearest waters (Indian Ocean). While most of the times the crystal clear water appears blue/green, this one occasion it went dark grey because of a little storm around the corner.

Participating for: Scavenger Hunt, Blue Monday, SOOC Monday, You Capture and FPOTW Contest        

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  1. this is a perfectly beautiful collection!

  2. great set!!! i rally like the blurry writing photo! so dramatic!
    Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY

  3. thanks daniel

    @van - im glad u liked the collection and the shot of the writing!

    and thank you deepak!

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blue.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Love your blue London eye shot, your reflected Hammersmith bridge and writing :0) And I agree Mauritius have a clear blue water...:0) Beautiful shots :0)

  6. This is a wonderful post and collection. That first blue is just lovely!

  7. What a fantastic collection shots for the day, Rohit!! Wonderful post! Hope you have a great week!


  8. WOW- the perspective on that first one is FABULOUS! Love your reflection too

  9. The reflection shot is gorgeous! I also love your blue shot!

  10. My favorite shot, it's always a delight to see nice shots on your blog.

    Keep up the good work and cheers to this post as it has few of my favs from your blog!

  11. Such lovely shots. The London Eye, the bridge and the writing ones are my favorites. Thank you for sharing!

  12. WOW - I especially lovey our first shot and reflection.

  13. tx Sally :)

    thank you Wenche...those wud pretty much be my favs too!

    tx glad that the LE blue has come off well :D

  14. thank you Cafe...

    tx Sylvia for your wonderful wishes and you too have a fab week ahead!

    and thank you CH Mama :)

  15. thanks Cedar

    Saru, im glad to have complied a collection tat incidentally includes ur favs :)

    tx so much Em!

  16. tx chubskulit

    Ashley - tx for hosting and appreciating!

  17. These are great scavenger hunt photos. I have enjoyed them very much. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  18. Great shots! I love the perspective of the first shot and the reflectiveness of the water in the third!

  19. My favorites are the London Eye and the reflection-incredible captures! have a good week!

  20. tx Denise, Without... and SBGal

    you all have a great week!

  21. Love those stormy skies. Wow!

  22. A great post. Creative and beautiful photo work. Bravo!


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