Friday, November 18, 2011

Royal Albert Hall, South Kensington, London

Royal Albert Hall, South Kensington, London

Finally, let there be some light :)

Situated in South Kensington, London, the Royal Albert Hall is London's premier concert hall and one of the most distinctive and treasured buildings. It is strategically situated right opposite the Kensington Gardens. 

The Entrance

The distinctive and magnificent building 

The carvings and writings

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  1. WOW...Beautiful and Majestic...Great shots Rohit!

  2. Such an incredible, beautiful building! I've always wanted to be able to attend a concert there! Terrific captures as always, Rohit! Marvelous post for the day! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  3. :D I have never been inside. I think, high time I plan. And, I think it looks like Laal Kila.

  4. What a splendid architecture!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a nice and happy weekend****

  5. Beautiful color and details - what gorgeous architecture. I've heard of music concerts being held here, but did not know how gorgeous this building was!

  6. thank everyone!

    i havent been inside either but probably seen it only in movies before. but its beautiful...n prettier at night! alas...didnt manage to shoot it at night!

  7. It is a very beautiful building and I would love to visit some day. I like your pictures and the angles.

  8. Wow! Wonderful photos ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  9. What a special place and you have captured it beautifully. Well done. Happy RT.

  10. What an elegant place!


    Whenas in red my Julia’s clad,
    Then, then (methinks) she’s wicked bad—
    Like Hester Prynne, but not so sad.

    Next, when I cast mine eyes and see
    Those crimson skirts flow full and free,
    Her sweet seductions taketh me!

    (With apologies to Robert Herrick, 1591-1674)

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red Lichen

  11. thank you Carol, Driller and MMT!

  12. I have never seen the Albert Hall looks so beautiful, although I have been to many concerts in my youth!

  13. Wonderful photos! I love London!
    Have a nice week,

  14. Wow, that is super huge!

    Visiting late for Ruby Tuesday! Hope you can visit me too:)

  15. Wow I love the blue color on this building and the intricate design too just awesome!

    Advent Tablesetting

  16. I am so happy you gave us some shots of the Royal Albert Hall. It just keep bringing back so many wonderful memories. It is one awesome building...not another like it anywhere. And the inside is magnificent. Your captures are superb. Love them all. genie

  17. Wow! So this is the Royal Albert Hall. Was it here where the Beatles performed for the Queen and many of England's royals? I will never forget what Lennon said after doing one of their songs. . . it was something like, "No need for your applause, just jiggle your jewelries!"

    I love the Beatles til now. I used to sing one of their songs, "A Day In A Life," in which Royal Albert Hall was included, "Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall." It was the beginning of their foray into psychedlics, I think.

    Thanks for bringing back some fond childhood memories. Now you all know how old I am :)



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