Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun at Pub - A Street Side Pub at London

Fun at Pub - A street side pub at Hammersmith, London, in all its grandeur with its lights at night

Stepping out for a smoke

Participating for: Mellow Yellow Monday          

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  1. Great night pics!

  2. Beautiful night shot from London, they capture the atmosphere, and I love London!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog :-)

  3. Awesome pics :)

  4. Love the warm colors...

    ps: you stole the pubs :P

  5. Love the first shot and I will purchase your work once I'm back to India. Would love to frame and hang it in my living room...Staying a nomadic life in US otherwise I would have bought it right away!!!

  6. Great night shots in London. My favorite is no 1, because of the stars in light. I like to take pictures that way:-)

  7. thank you inger-m and shreya!

    tx chintan - par sedhe sadhe insaan ko badnam kar rahi ho :P

    saru - i'll say it again, im honoured

    tania - cant match the way u shoot the starry nights but glad u liked it :)

  8. Very colorful images - great capture of the bar scene.

    «Louis» thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  9. We'll need your attention, we are writing about San Jose's pubs... Costa Rica needs this kind of critics to improve our city. So we need your visit to have better audience. We will waiting for you, 'cos your blog isn't bad enough.

  10. Lovely night to have fun in the pub, beautiful night photo shot.


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