Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Joy and Hope - A Black and White Portrait

Joy and Hope - A B/W Portrait

Participating for: Capturing Beauty and I-Heart-Faces           

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  1. Wow! Such a nice capture....a beautiful lady indeed and I loved the angle...

    btw: thanks for visiting 0fiction <3


  2. @chintan
    thanks again; one of my favs too...

    u've got some gr8 work going on ur blogs!

  3. Beautiful black and white! Great angle, too.

  4. The angle is awesome. The black and white, too. It makes me wonder what it looks like in color.

    [Visiting from Capturing Beauty.]

  5. tx ACRaszman and Jen...it was an experimental angle, which seemed to have come off well :)

  6. Nice click.. But a sincere suggestion - A whitish spot on her left side of the cheek is visible , Though i know that the spot is not bcz of natural occurance but I guess it is not photoshoped well..


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