Friday, August 26, 2011

The Fire Starters - Playing with Fire

The Fire Starters, Playing with Fire - Fire artists perform for the Creatures of the Night, Singapore Night Safari

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  1. wow! this is blooody awesome!

  2. recollecting this one - i ran a few 100 feet with a backpack to make it for was totally worth it!

  3. Amazing shots Rohit and yes we have a deal:)

  4. these are some really cool shots!

  5. Right now at the Burning Man event in Reno, Nevada, there is a LOT of fire performance going on. There's an entire fire community, it seems. Who knew? Beautiful, exciting photo.

  6. hi sara...tx for the info...sounds like a very interesting event n we have something like that in a month's time in India.

    and thank you for the feedback!


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