Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dejection - A little boy and his Angora Rabbit from Himachal Pradesh, India

After a long day, a little boy sat dejected on the steps of the Vashisht Temple, at Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. He walks around the area asking tourists if they want to take a picture with his Angora (large furry) rabbit, in return of some money. He shied and walked off when I asked him if he studies; may be this is all what he did, just for a living, which didn't go off well today.

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  1. Life can be harsh!! Thanks for sharing this photo.....

  2. Picture is good but feelings are sad. Hill stations survive on tourism.

  3. indeed! he probably didn't have the sources or liberty to seek education...though I hope he did. the only silver lining was his honest living style - didn't beg, didn't cheat!

  4. beautiful picture, so sad as well.

    i love your photography and blog.
    thanks so much for sharing.

  5. This makes me sad. It is a lovely photo, however.

  6. tx a ton betty and jabblog...sad indeed but it is the story of many kids in this part of the world.

  7. my, it's a really fluffy angora too


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